Holistic massage

Hi my name is Trevor Hurren

I am a highly-trained and well-qualified therapist offering you the very best in holistic bodywork treatment. I have put this website together to persuade you to come and visit me for a massage treatment if you are within traveling distance of Los Narejos on the Mar Menor in Spain.

My clients tell me I have great empathy and touch. I work conscientiously and have excellent attention to detail. All of my treatments contain a personal consultation and after-care advice to keep you feeling fit and well. My clients often come back for more treatment and give me referrals and personal recommendations. I have printed some of these out for you to see, a bit further down this page.

I offer you great value for money. I feel I offer the best unique, un-hurried, professional, individual massage service that money can buy. My treatments, which are described on the next page, start at just 25 Euros for a session. I offer you treatment for a specific ailment or for a more general healing experience. Please contact me right now if you are in the area, my address and contact details in the Mar Menor are in the column on your left.

My personal journey with massage therapy started several years ago, shortly after I sustained a serious back injury. I felt the injury was a big low in my life, but with time and regular massage treatments I found that I was making steady improvement. I know first hand the difference an effective massage therapist can make to a physical injury. It was a turning point in my life and my experiences with this led me to learn how to help others who have similar problems.

I have always been physically active; and have enjoyed participating in sports such as distance running, mountain biking, snowboarding, squash, inline skating, windsurfing and kite surfing. I have had my fair share of miss-haps, injuries and accidents. So if you have general muscular aches/pains from physical or sports exertion please contact me for advice and treatment - believe me - I understand !

I have extensive training and experience working on an holistic level treating ‘the mind body & soul’. My qualifications include a V.T.C.T Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Studies also a Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology, from Lowestoft College in the UK. I have also studied I.T.E.C Level 3 Sports massage therapy. My practice offers a friendly and professional service and I ensure that all matters comply with Health & Safety Act 1974 and The Data Protection Act 1998.

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